Coronavirus Safe Apartments

by The Armitage

17th July 2020

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In the midst of extraordinary times, we’ve all had to make extraordinary changes to our daily lives. Routine has been thrown out the window along with any sense of stability. Although the lockdown in the UK is relaxing, the gloom of winter will be looming sooner than we think and although London’s Covid-19 infectivity rates have fallen in the past month, there is still no doubt that it is affecting thousands and the prospect of a second wave is ever present. It appears that regardless of whether the lockdown will return in the winter months or will persist longer than we hope, we should all prepare for spending significantly more time in our homes.

In my experience, it’s always very easy to see the negatives when they dominate the headlines, but there does tend to be a silver lining if you choose to look for one. You might writhe at the idea of staying inside when you’re being told to but if you’ve got the right accommodation, you may discover the charms to it.

Being forced to stay at home has actually driven people into a healthier lifestyle. A run through Regents park or Hyde Park while the weather is unusually pleasant is an underrated escape and having a luxury apartment in London right next to one of these parks is a huge perk. However, those who aren’t big on outdoor running, may find themselves in a troubling situation; public gyms are reopening but with significant restrictions, meaning only the apartments in London that have their own gyms can keep their occupants safe to train.

Since lockdown, the value of luxury apartments in London has boomed and the importance of a higher standard of home living has been key. Serviced apartments in London with an active high street are becoming more popular than those with a public transport system surrounding them. Shops are opening one at a time and without tourists packing the more popular districts, I’ve noticed the areas of Marylebone and Hyde Park are now quieter with only locals.

It’s understandable that quarantine has put a strain on relationships, but with rules easing, we’ll be hosting small nights-in for friends and family. Along with this comes a great opportunity for us to spruce up and show off our homes to entertain. An apartment in London with a terrace could be a lovely setting to enjoy the warm, quiet evenings.

Back when heading into the office was the norm, diet seemed to take a turn for the worse, but since restaurants are closed, home cooking has improved and recipes that anyone can make have become increasingly popular. Since we spend around 2 hours in the kitchen on a good day, it’s exceedingly gratifying to spend that time in an open, expansive kitchen. I love cooking, but I can’t stand feeling claustrophobic as the dirty dishes are piling on top of the clean ones, so I genuinely appreciate having ample kitchen space at home, especially living in an apartment in town where space is expensive, I find it a crucial part of my home.

Since Saturday nights are now shut-ins, and holidays are officially cancelled, it’d be fun to look for luxury apartments to rent in London and spend a few nights away from home. Spending so much time with your family in the same house is certainly an unusual change that at times can be tiring; spending a week away together in a serviced apartment in London could really relax everyone and improve the time you spend with one another.

Having to remain at home for lengthy periods of time with the mental stress and anxiety of contracting the virus has taken its toll, so it’s important to feel safe and comfortable in your own home including the building you are staying in. A serviced apartment in London where there are the resources to keep you and your surroundings safe are currently a priority to stay safe and worry-free. Treat yourself and take care.